I am very excited to finally launch Satoshiwall, a fully non-custodial bitcoin paywall on top of Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

In a time where content creators struggle to maintain their income due to rampant deplatforming and demonetization, it’s ever more important to have a truly peer to peer alternative of generating passive income.


How it works

Satoshiwall allows you to monetize anything without trusting a third party with your money. Any content can be put behind a paywall, and the URL to that paywall can be shared with anyone. No account needed!

The paywall can be unlocked by users making a bitcoin payment which will go directly into your wallet. The server will validate the transaction and then the user will be redirected to the unlocked content. Thanks to the “payment protocol” (BIP70) I can take a small fee and keep the service non-custodial at the same time.

Give it a try

Check out my very first paywall!